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Investigation concerning spread and use of FMEA

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By completing the short questionnaire below you're helping us to gather essential data for our FMEA survey. The aim of this survey is to investigate the use and spread of FMEA-methodology all over the world. The results of this new survey will be made available on this site. The data collection for this survey starts on November 10, 1999 and runs until we obtain at least 1.000 completed questionnaires, therefore we would strongly appreciate if you could ask other organisations to complete this questionnaire as well.

Even if you don't use or even don't know FMEA it is important to return this questionnaire.

The FMEA-investigation team would like to thank you for your kind cooperation,

WWW-FMEA survey 1999-2000

1.a. Is FMEA used in your organisation ?

1.b If not, why?

1.c If currently not, do you consider to start using FMEA?

If you don't use FMEA you can skip the remaining questions and go to question 9 at the bottom of this page.

Please continue if you are currently using FMEA

2. How often do you use FMEA?

3. What is the major reason for using FMEA? (multiple-selection by cntrl)

4. What is the major difficulty when doing FMEA?

5.a. Are you doing FMEA in a team?

5.b. On average with how many team members ?

6. What is the average time spend on a single FMEA session? hours

7. What kind of FMEA are your doing? (multiple selection by cntrl)

8.a Are you using a FMEA-software tool? ,

8.b Are you pleased with this software tool?

8.c What is the main reason for using this tool?

9.a Industrial sector of your company ?

9.b Select the size of your company (all departments and sites included)

9.c Enter country (your site) :

10. Any other comments?

11. To remain informed enter your e-mail :

(Your personal information will not be disclosed to any other party)

Thanks for completing this short questionnaire, send it by pushing the send button.

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