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Monograph: Failure Modes & Effects Analysis

September 9, 2000

Author: Ian S. Sutton

10 pages (8½x11"). pdf file
1st Edition, February 2000
Price: $9.95 (U.S.)

Book Title : Implementing Six Sigma: Smarter Solutions Using Statistical Methods

Author(s)/Editor(s) : F. Breyfogle III

Published By : Wiley-Interscience

Abstract : This book demystifies Six Sigma methods for today's users and offers invaluable guidance on how to choose and use Six sigma tools effectively. The Six Sigma implementation road map the book describes integrates basic methods such as FMEA, QFD, process flow-charting, and continuous improvement tools with a full range of powerful statistical techniques and concepts - crucial practical know-how for implementation practioners and managers.

791 pages, hardcover 1999

ISBN Number : 0471296597

Book Title : FMEA Investigator: Failure Mode Analysis Training on Demand

Produced By : Resource Engineering

Abstract : This CD-ROM is comprehensive and convenient. Learners will gain a complete understanding of how to conduct both design and process FMEAs. It's ideal for engineers, supervisors and lead people. Busy professionals don't need to strain their schedules to attend classroom training. They can learn at their own pace, at conveient times. Because the learner controls the speed and direction of their training, it's like having a personal trainer for each and every employee in the company. Designed for diverse audience, this training will reduce the intimidation factor for beginners, yet it will challenge engineers and technical professionals. Minimum system specifications: Windows 3.x or higher, 486/66 MHz or faster at 8MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM (quad speed reccomended), Super VGA (640x480, 256 colors) monitor, Mouse or Touch Screen, Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card.

Title : Failure Mode and Effect Analysis : FMEA from Theory to Execution

Author : D.H. Stamatis

Hardcover Published 1995

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Title : FMEA, Author's Edition

Author : Paul Palady

Introducing exclusive new developments adopted by the industry standard for design and process risk analysis and risk management. These new developments, along with several other new strategies, were developed over the past nine years in approximately 200 seminars conducted at 14 universities and 45 corporations by the author. The developments and strategies presented in this book will restore FMEA as the universal tool for risk analysis and risk management for both design and process.

Hardcover Published 1997

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Title : Basics of FMEA

Author : Robin E. McDermott, et al

Paperback Published 1995

The Basics of FMEA (76 pages soft cover) covers the essential steps required to conduct both design and process FMEAs. It is a handy guide you will refer to time and time again as you and your team work through the FMEA process. The Basics of FMEA is a convenient hand book that:
- Explains failure mode and effect analysis simply and concisely.
– Discusses when to use FMEAs (e.g., during design, manufacturing, etc.).
– Shows how to perform FMEAs step by step.

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Title : FMEA-Feleffektanalys. Konstruktions-FMEA. Process-FMEA

Author: IVF


Title : Konstruktions-FMEA. Process-FMEA

Author : IVF

Instruktionsbladen består av FMEA-formulär samt förklarar hur man med hjälp av dessa utför Konstruktions- respektive Process-FMEA.

Title : Restoring the Effectiveness of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis.

Authors : Palady, Howath & Thomas

Publisher : SAE International

The original case study introducing three new developments to increase the effectiveness of developing FMEA's: The FMEA Input Form, The FMEA Area Chart and The FMEA Screening Matrix

Title: Failure modes and effects analysis: Predicting & preventing problems before they occur.

Author : Paul Palady

This book provides a detailed, step-by-step analysis of the fmea process and describes the new developments in fmea, which may make it more effective: the area chart, input form and key cause matrix.

Title: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis : From theory to execution

Author: Stamatis

Keywords: Quality/FMEA's

ISBN/Stock Code: 087389300x

Publisher: Quality Press

Media: Book Hardcover

Review 1 : Failure Mode and Effect Analysis. The material describes the process of conducting a FMEA, including how FMEA relates to ISO 9000. It establishes the legal need for FMEA and its relation to product liability. This book fulfills the FMEA requirements of AIAG, SAE, J1739, and MIL-STD-1629-A.

Review 2 : This one-of-a-kind book explains the process and importance of understanding and applying a systematic methodology to problems, errors, and failures. The material describes the process of conducting FMEA, including how FMEA relates to ISO 9000. It establishes the legal need for FMEA and its relation to product liability. Published by ASQ Quality Press

Title : Die Qualitätstechnik FMEA als Lerninstrument in Organisationen.

Author : Patrick Stahl

Language : German

Taschenbuch (1997), Dt. Universitätsv., W.;

ISBN: 3824465035

Title : FMEA. Fehlermöglichkeits- und Einflussanalyse.

Author : Leitfaden.

Language : German

Taschenbuch - 48 Seiten (1993),Beuth, Bln.;

ISBN: 3410328416

Title : FMEA in Design, Manufacture and Service or Murphy’s Law Overruled

Author : N. Humphries, C. gare and L. Dawson

Publisher : Productivity Strategies

A book on the complete methodology of FMEA'S from their history through to practical examples and case histories. This is the second edition of this book - the first edition was titled "Murphy's Law Overruled"

The implementation of FMEA's conforms to AIAG and QS9000 standards.

Title : FMEA- Praxis. Das Komplettpaket für Training und Anwendung

Authors : Dieter H. Müller, Thorsten Tietjen

Gebundene Ausgabe – 120 Seiten (September 1999) Hanser Wiss., Mchn, Germany

ISBN: 3446212361

Language : German.


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