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Conditions for Joining:
The ArtistMail webring is reserved for all webmaster that have signed up with ZapZone Network for an email-account named after their favorite music artist. By connecting all websites, through this webring they can all share the traffic generated by the ArtistMail Website.
Our visitors meanwhile will have direct access to some of the most impressive FAN-sites on the web. As you can see it's a win situation for everybody.
There is one remaining condition : you must have a website. If you do not have a website or are not even remotely interested in having one, you will have to change your email service settings at ZapZone Netzwork (zzn) so that when people log out of their email account they will automatically be redirected to the ArtistMail website. That means your website's URL will be can always change that later to whatever you want if you find a website devoted to your favorite artist that you like somewhere on the web, or maybe decide to put up a fan-homepage of your own.
Don't let us be misunderstood, this is ONLY required IF you do NOT have a website. To prevent our vistors from being sent to nowhere as soon as they log out of their email account.

How can I join ?
First you have to fill in the application form and IMPORTANT : you MUST use the email service named after an artist that you signed up for with - let's call that service ''. Your email address when you fill in the join form MUST be
Next, after you applied to join we will send an email to that email address. All you have to do is reply (just send the same message back), thereby confirming that you are the owner of the email service.
We will eventually but not necessarily review your website before we will add you to the webring. Fill out the application form here

HTML code
You can find the the modified HTML code here
Or use
the standard HTML code at webring : the URL is;id=YOUR_ID;htmlcode
Just replace YOUR_ID with the ID you will get when you apply to join.

Logo :
you have to use our logo if you want to use a graphic, so you will have to download it below (right click it and select Save Picture As.., from the menu)

next you will have to upload it to your own server. DO NOT LINK TO THE LOGO on our website, if we notice that you do, you're OUT immediately.. no excuses.