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If you didn't find your favorite artist browsing through our menus you can search the ZapZone Database directly from here.
If you find it, that means if the email service exists, you can suggest it to us, for inclusion in our menus. In a few days we will have it added to the appropriate menu and you can access your email and search the web from here.

If the email service DOES NOT exist on zapzone, you can set it up yourself, it's FREE and it's very easy to do so. After you set it up , suggest it to us and we will include it here as well.

Remember that the email service name has to comply with domain name regulations, so if you're looking for 'blues brothers' you will have to search for either 'bluesbrothers', (one word, no spaces allowed between words), or you can search for 'blues-brothers' (with an - instead of the space). If you search for R.E.M. for example you have to change the name to REM or R-E-M since dots, '.' are not allowed either. (ex. N.W.A., or Notorious B.I.G.) AC/DC is another example since the / is not allowed in domain names. If you set up an email service at zapzone the same rules apply. (Personally we prefer reo-speedwagon to reospeedwagon, because it's easier to read).

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