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Since we basically only supply you with a new user interface for existing services, if privacy is important to you, you are advised to read the privacy policy at zzn.com.

We do not have any access to any of your passwords or usernames or other information you give out when you sign up. All that information is handled directly by zapzone network servers.

If privacy is really an issue to you, you can surf anonymously by using IDZap

We, do not collect any personal information except the IP address used by the counter cookie on our menu screen which is a temporary cookie that is handled by sitemeter. We will never willfully share any information you may eventually leave on our site (messageboards, links page, chat room etc) with any third party. Remember though that that information is visible/accessible to everyone visiting our website.
We do not 'collect', store, gather or use any personal information for commercial, marketing or other privacy related purposes as such.

Be warned however that some of the websites we link to may have a different privacy policy. Read their privacy policies if you are concerned about it.

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