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 On languages and your zzn email account : If you want to sign up for a FREE email address named after an artist you can do so in the language of your choice. ZapZone Network currently supports 14 different languages (Danish-Dutch-English-Finnish-French-German-Italian-Japanese- Norwegian -Portugese-Spanish-Swedish-Russian-US English- with more to come). Your mailbox will be in the language you signed up in. Select one of the flag icons at the top of the signup screen BEFORE you sign up.

If you signed up in the default language (US english), you can check your email directly from the artist-screen here at ArtistMail. If you signed up in a different language you can select your language by going to the standard login screen by using the signup link. That is usually http://your_favorite_artist.zzn.com Or make your life easier and sign up for FREE POP access, then you can check your email with your email-program. (outlook, eudora etc.)
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