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First Time Visitors : Welcome to ArtistMail,
the first 'Vertical Music Portal' by and for MusicFans.

Quickstart !
What is a Vertical Music Portal ?
My Favorite Artist is not even included !
What about the Mail in ArtistMail ?
Why bother I already have several email addresses ?
Great .. and what will it cost me ?
Why the ArtistScreens load rather slow.
Hey .. this is cool !.. can I help in any way ?
The Messageboards don't load !
Need more help ?
I have problems with my email account, who do I contact ?

QuickStart !
select an artist from the menus on the left, a new screen, the ArtistScreen will open here. Every ArtistScreen screen has amongst others a 'Search Artist Info' menu. By selecting one of the items in that menu you can instantly search the web for info/news/mp3's/images of your favorite artist or check out websites devoted to that artist, as well as several auctions and message boards and other relevant websites ALL specifically about your Favorite Artist and all just one menu selection away. Make sure you browse through all the menus on the ArtistScreen at least once.

What is a Vertical Portal ?
A vertical portal, as opposed to a regular portal like Yahoo! is limited to, but specialized in, one specific topic. The topic here, as you might have guessed is music and the artists and bands involved. Every ArtistScreen as such can be considered a mini Yahoo! dedicated to that particular artist. There are approximately 80 searchengines integrated in each ArtistScreen, all of them just one menu selection away.

My Favorite Artist is not even included !
Don't worry, just click suggestions and on the messageboard that opens next you can suggest your favorite artist. A couple of days later he/she/they will be included.

What about the Mail in ArtistMail ?
If you want to sign up for a FREE email address named after the artist of your choice, in the ArtistScreen click on 'signup' and in the screen that will open next you can sign up for a FREE email account in the language of your choice. Your email adress will be in the format you@your_favorite_artist.zzn.com. For example if you select Metallica, the email address will be you@metallica.zzn.com.
If you signed up in the default language (english), you can check your email directly from the first screen next time. (more on languages)

Why bother I already have several email addresses ?
Even if you do already have one or more email addresses there are several reasons why you might want to consider the email service we're offering you. Not only are we offering you an email service in 14 languages - to include all our international surfers in the fun -
you can also signup for FREE POP access. That means you can check this email account with your favorite email program (outlook, eudora etc), and write your email while being offline, so no longer running the risk of losing all your work on that long email because your internet connection all of a sudden dropped out !

Great... and what will it cost me ?
The best part of it all - it's all free, no membership or anything like that required. Everything here including the lifelong email account is absolutely FREE, for nix, gratis, gratuit, um sonst ...

Please be patient while the pages load (Why ?)

Hey .. this is cool !.. can I help in any way ?
yes you can , first of all tell your friends, and if you want to join our crew you might want to read this and if you're interested contact us.

The Messageboards don't load !
In case the Coolboard messageboards don't load, which happens occasionally, you can always switch to our Secondary Board if you want to post a suggestion or feedback, or you can contact us by using the 'Contact Us' link on the info pages - in the yellow navigation box. Use it if you want to suggest an artist, give us feedback, report problems or for other information requests.

Need more help ?
In the Help & Community menu in the yellow box on the right and in the menu on the ArtistScreens you can select one of our message boards for more information and help.

I have problems with my email account, who do I contact ?
If it should happen that there is a problem with your email account, please DO NOT contact us but report the problems to zapzone network, they are the company taking care of all the aspects of the email provided on ArtistMail. Go to their support section and fill in the support form. They will look into it and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Enjoy !

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