Setting Up An Artist Community @ ArtistMail

A First Guideline

Community Basics : one person responsible for setting up and maintaining a coolboard messageboard dedicated to one artist.
Requirements : weekly update of the messageboard with latest newsclip(s) from the web and reviewing discussions that might be going on. If necessary deleting messages and/or replies if inappropriate. Some elementary knowledge of HTML might come in handy, is not required though. We will supply several cut & Paste HTML code fragments to set up messageboard and other resources..
Messageboard Contents : Anything related to that specific artist including , reviews of albums by visitors, links to webresources concerning that artist, concert and tour info, anything to buy, sell and swap about the artist and the usual messageboard discussions. Anything fans will likely want to share ! (and the RIAA doesn't have any objections to !)
Goal : to set up a community that is really a community as such, where people will like to come back to, because they know there will be something happening or something interesting to them to be found.
Optional : if the person managing the coolboard feels comfortable with HTML he/she can built the coolboard further into a real community by linking to their Yahoo! or other clubs or community, using Bravenet Tools.. including chat, free for all links page, guestbook etc. All linked directly to.. or rather embedded into.. the Coolboard forum. The possibilities are basically endless... include a Yahoo! or ICQ chatroom etc etc

to be continued...