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906                                She comes not when Noon is on
                                                        the Roses

SHE comes not when Noon is on the roses—
          Too bright is Day.
She comes not to the Soul till it reposes
          From work and play.
But when Night is on the hills, and the great Voices
          Roll in from Sea,
By starlight and by candlelight and dreamlight
          She comes to me.

907                                                A Charge

IF thou hast squander’d years to grave a gem
   Commission’d by thy absent Lord, and while
      ’Tis incomplete,
Others would bribe thy needy skill to them—
   Dismiss them to the street!
Should’st thou at last discover Beauty’s grove,
   At last be panting on the fragrant verge,
      But in the track,
Drunk with divine possession, thou meet Love—
   Turn at her bidding back.
When round thy ship in tempest Hell appears,
   And every spectre mutters up more dire
      To snatch control
And loose to madness thy deep-kennell’d Fears—
   Then to the helm, O Soul!

Last; if upon the cold green-mantling sea
   Thou cling, alone with Truth, to the last spar,
      Both castaway,
And one must perish—let it not be he
   Whom thou art sworn to obey!


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