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UPDATE : juli 2000 - a complete new look - thanks to Webpearl Graphics -
Added new content : Selected poems by William Blake, Oscar Wilde. T.S. Eliot and the complete Oxford Book of English Verse (courtesy of the Oxford Text Archive).
We'll be adding selected poems by Byron soon.
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ABOUT - This project has originally been designed around the poetic works of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, for some strange reason a long time absentée on the World Wide Web, at least in English. We've corrected that amiss, by publishing here his (very extensive) collected poetical works, in their English translation in the original metres, now also online as a seperate website at
   From there on we've been expanding the project. Goethe's masterpiece Faust has been added first : Part I of the tragedy is complete, Part II only the first two acts.
   Another WWW Exclusive at the time was Lord Byron's 'Don Juan' : the complete version of this masterpiece in English literature is available here, for you to enjoy !
   We also added the Sonnets by Shakespeare and some other goodies by the bard.
   Because of the international character of the WEB we have also included an extensive collection of Chinese Poetry translated in English.

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For the Goethe archive, including the illustrated version of his poems - a must see - use . (right click the URL and select add to favorites from the menu)

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Blake | Byron | T.S. Eliot | Goethe | Shakespeare | Oscar Wilde |
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