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Originality ?
Why not just link ?
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The concept :

The idea for Nietzsche's Features came from the experience we had over the last years that although several individuals invested a lot of time and effort in creating Nietzsche pages, after a while they somehow seemed to disapear from the web. In particular Universities seem to have the (questionable) tendency to simply delete students' and even lecturers' accounts on their servers - including the files stored on them of course - as soon as those people leave the institution.
Of course that resulted in a lot of dead links and lost files.
On the other hand, several people that started out enthousiastically, got bored or just tired with it and moved on to something else.
To prevent all these files from ever being lost again - to preserve them on the web, so to speak - we have decided to collect ALL files we can find on the web, in English, that are directly related to Nietzsches works, and archive them in what has become the "Nietzsche's Features" website.

Originality ?

We have no problem admitting that a lot of work on the texts you will find here has initially been done by others. That's why we give them credit for it. However, we do not just simply "steal" their pages. All pages are completely redesigned as you will notice from the uniform look of all works presented herein. As anybody involved in webdesign knows, redesigning can sometimes be a more tedious effort than designing.
Also, it should be mentioned that on several occasions we have tediously edited and corrected pages we found somewhere else. (a process that is still continuing by the way)
And there is of course the fact that we contributed three complete books to the archive ourselves ("Thus Spake Zarathustra", "Beyond Good and Evil" and "Human All Too Human")
We do not have any intention to compete with anybody else's Nietzsche page. We place ourselves outside of any competition - might there be any - our only goal is to make sure that all the energy that has ever been put into Nietzsche pages on the web, is archived and preserved on this website.

Why not just link to other pages. ?

We had to abandon the idea of linking to other peoples pages for two reasons :
1. As already mentioned above, we can not preserve a page by just linking to it. We'd end up with a dead link after the page has been deleted.
2. From the initial stages of the concept, we had decided to make the resources we offer here fully searchable, which makes it impossible to just link to somebody elses page. We can not just search webpages stored on some server somewhere else. That's why we "copy" the pages, redesign them and then include them in the archive.

How can I best link to Nietzsche's Features ?

The best way to link to this website is to link
A) directly to the homepage by using ONLY the redirect URL http://turn.to/nietzsche
B) to one of the directories (NOT recommended).
All books have been set up as a seperate directory. So if you want to link to a specific book, link to that directory (you don't even need the index.htm file in your URL.) Please do NOT link to any other pages, as we are constantly refining page titles, and this website's overall structure. Please be aware of the fact that we have had to move this website several times because of the demise of free hosting services, that's why the safest link and the only guarantuee you never end up with a dead link will always be by ONLY linking to http://turn.to/nietzsche.
NOTE : please pay attention to the fact that on the homepage we will be doing several browser tests, to make sure every visitor will be redirected to the appropriate sub-pages. That is why we recommend you to preferrably only link directly to http://turn.to/nietzsche. We will improve browser compatibility in the next months.

Can I put the search form on my Nietzsche page ?

Yes, you are free to use the search form on our search page on your website or Nietzsche page. Just save the page to your hard drive and copy and paste the code. (you'll have to figure out how to do that yourself or email us)

Browser Compatibility :

This website is designed for use with Internet Explorer 4 (and above), it uses JavaScript (so make sure you have that option turned ON) and CSS stylesheets extensively. It is best viewed with a screen resolution of 800x600.
Note : most stylesheets problems have been fixed (March 21, 2001). Now Netscape users should no longer have any problems. Even the menu now works in Netscape. (tested with Navigator 4.7)

Why do you give away the site as a download ? :

This website was designed primarily to be a Nietzsche study and research tool. That's why it is ridiculous to expect people to read entire books - or parts of them for that matter - online. By providing you with the option to download the entire site - go to the resources page to do so - you can install this website on your own computer - just unzip it - you will now have access to the entire Nietzsche text library offline as well. (NOTE : you will need a zip utility like the free demo download at winzip to unzip it.)
Be aware however that some functionality - the search being the most important aspect of this site anyway - will not work offline, so you will still have to go online if you really want to search throughout the texts.

What about copyrights ?

All works on this website, as far as we know and have been able to track down, are in the public domain and therefore NOT copyrighted (anymore).
We have put together this 'labour of love' but that does not mean we now own the copyright to any of the works or translations published here. What is considered to be in the public domain remains there.
We have had several questions about our non-copyright statement : by saying none of the works here are copyrighted and by not claiming copyright ourselves to the contents nor the design/layout we are allowing anyone to use any part of this website as they want - that is of course NOT including our name and logo !! - whether that would be in print (articles, essays etc etc) or on a website or whatever other way one could come up with. You do not need to mention that you got it at http://turn.to/nietzsche - although we would of course appreciate it if you did.

And a BIG thank you goes to ...

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank James Chester from publicappeal.org for offering us free hosting on his (paid!!) server.

Anyway Enjoy !!

January 1st 2002
Holtof Donné

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