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WebbTide Design, does NOT use any cookies and does NOT require anybody to give out ANY personal information.

- The FREE SERVICES we provide on our website are subject to the privacy policies of their providers. If you sign up for any of them you can consider giving bogus information (name=John Doe) if you do not want to reveal any personal information. We have tried to the best of our possibilities to team up with trustworthy people and companies. If in doubt however read the privacy statements of the service providers BEFORE you sign up for any of the services (email, freedrive etc etc)

- If you use any of the PAID SERVICES we offer you, please read the privacy policies of the supplier prior to signing up. So far we have never had any complaints but safety is a delicate issue on the web.

- Some of the advertisement services we use do however make extensive use of cookies if you do not want that then don't click the banners or ignore the error messages you'll get after you clicked one and just hit the back button on your browser.

- As far as you submit ANY personal information directly to us ( mailing list for example) we can reassure you of the fact that we will NOT ever, under no circumstances give out that information.

- TIP - Sign up for a free yourname@webbtide.zzn.com email account to protect your own personal email account from being spammed. And use that email account for ALL your sign-ups around the web.

- TIP - To protect your privacy to the fullest please use IDZap (Sign up , it's free) and you can surf the whole world wide web anonymous.

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