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WebbTide Design
started out in 1998, as an association of several individuals (female, male) from all over the world. We got together on a project basis - whoever was available at that time - and we worked together in this virtual workspace called the worldwide web, no offices, no employees, and yes .. the most important ...NO BOSS !

I guess it's safe to call most of us 'alternative''. An example : from the start on, we systematically refused to become a dotcom (take our own domain name). For our own non-commercial projects we have always used free server space, just like anybody else can. Now that the hype about the web is finally starting to turn a bit more realistic - as painful as that may be for many - we can only take pride in our stubborn refusal to take on the 'domain name' and other nonsense.
Only recently (August 2001) have we taken on a dotcom name (webbtide.be actually), because it was 'given' to us at no cost and we also switched to new servers thanks to the generosity of Jonas @ Combell.be, because our customers' demand to use technology that was not readily available on free webservers became too great. (mainly php and mysql if you really want to know)
After four years a lot has changed and WebbTide Design has turned into a real - although small - company, since most former members and associates have moved on and went their own way. We're currently located in Western Australia and work on a free-lance-only basis (you should see the beaches here and you'd understand !!) - mostly for the European and in particular Benelux market. Because of several international trademark disputes we suddenly seemed to get caught up in, we have decided to change our name to holtof.com, after Holtof Donné who initially started the project and whose wife and some other 'partners in crime' are the people currently 'disguised' as WebbTide Design.
Don 'It's great to be insignificant!', when not quoting Nietzsche, Alan Watts or Taoist/Zen Master ChuangTzu, can generally be found on the beach ! (Yes we do have sharks there every now and then !) ;-)

WebbTide Design has done design projects (webdesign and graphics layout) for several non-profit organisations and international events in the past years.
We had gradually evolved from webdesign only, to become a specialist in Online Community Management. We developed appropriate community concepts, did all design work, initial setup and took care of the maintenance for the communities we managed, including giving online tech support where necessary. Since most of the free community tools that were available once have dissapeared since the dotcom bomb went off we shifted our focus again and got actively involved in several Open Source initiatives.
Amongst our clients you'll find a Radio Station, a couple of Universities, an email software company, a major computer reseller, several webdesign companies and of course several ecommerce companies.
We have also added building Yahoo! Stores for Yahoo Australia to our portfolio. Proving once again : You'd be surprised what a free-lancer can get done ! And still have a life at the same time !

All inquiries regarding any of our services should be directed to info@holtof.com

Anyway.. enough talk .. enjoy your visit at our website.


The WebbTide Design/holtof.com Team

PS : We never wear suits ! And you don't have to either !

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