This page is about the game "Space Invaders X". In the year 1970, some astronauts with an unknown nationality start their secret mission: reach the place where nobody went before them: NoWhErE. They start searching for this place in space, plenty of stupid UFO-drivers. Because the fouls thought the UFC (Unknown Flying Creatures) were agressive, they have taken wome weapons with them. You are one of these fouls and you're now the commander of the ship. Fortunately, the Space-Gods send you sometimes a new space-ship or a bonus. If you're crazy and you want to reach NoWhErE, just go to the download-section and download the game, but remember, there is no way back from NoWhErE, so if you've reached it, you can't go back.

For installation notes and controls, go to the Faq's & Controls-section.

---Created by Arnout Swinnen---
---No copyrights---