1. Download the file ""

  2. Unzip this file

  3. 2 files will be created, "space.001" and "install.exe"

  4. Run "install.exe" and follow the instructions

  5. The disrectory "c:\games\space" will be created

  6. Run "space.exe" from "c:\games\space" and the game will start


Key up/down
Move the spaceship up-/downwards (in the further levels: forwards/backwards)
Key left/right
Move the spaceship left/right (in the further levels: turn left/right)
Key ctrl
Shoot with the first gun
Key enter
Shoot with the 2nd gun
Key space
Shoot with the 3rd gun (not available in all levels)


  1. When I try to start the game, I get a blank screen

    Try moving the mouse while pressing the "enter"-key

---Created by Arnout Swinnen---
---No Copyrights---
---February 2001---