Since June 1999

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April 29, 2000
Beat Counter winamp DSP plug-in released. Free to registered users of the BC.

No product page available yet. Note that the plug-in requires a fast processor (optimized version coming).

February 22, 2000 Beat Counter 1.0.6 released

Upgrades are free to registered users of any previous version of the Beat Counter. If you registered Beat Counter 1.0.5, just install Beat Counter 1.0.6 on top of this.

What's New?

  • Full Range Beat Counting. If the actual bpm lies outside of the estimated range, the Full Range Bpm might still find the correct bpm. Using the certainties of the Ranged Bpm and the Full Range Bpm, you can decide which bpm you will use (or maybe you might opt for a reanalysis). The Smart Bpm automatically selects the bpm with the highest certainty.

  • Memory leak bug-fix. After processing a large number of files (500 - 1000) BC 105 crashed due to a memory leak. This is fixed now.

  • BOPs. Bpm Output Plugins. Now you can use plugins to write to other file-formats than those supported by the Beat-Counter.

    You can only use BOPs in the registered version of the Beat Counter.

    For BOP development information, see the developer section.

  • Output to VTC-files. The output to Carrot Innovations Virtual Turntables VTC files is realised using the BOP method. The source code of this BOP is available in the developer section.

    The BOP is still in beta version though (Send feedback!!!).

ID3v2 is not yet supported, the id3lib needs to be recompiled for making this possible - and we're working on it.
November 19, 1999 Second registration service put up. Advanced ordering methods including off-line ordering are now possible.
September 22, 1999 Beat Counter 1.0.5 sees daylight (thanks to a minor bug-fix).